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July 12, 2018
TFA alumnus Matt Impink (Greater Philly '07) helms Indy Achieves, which seeks to expand access to post-secondary education for Marion County residents. Matt speaks to Indy's ever-changing economy and education landscape, as well as to how his TFA experiences have shaped his work. #OneDayINdy
Students & Communities
July 5, 2018
For 2017 corps member Eric Smith, the first year of teaching didn't go as expected. But when faced with challenges, he and the Tindley Prep team persevered with a deep commitment to their students and to one another. #OneDayINdy
Education & Issues
June 28, 2018
The leadership team at pilotED school in Barrington--Jacob Allen, Marie Dandie, Lani Luo, Jennica Adkins, and Darreyel Laster (of which the first four are Chicago '13 alumni)--speak about their identity-based innovative K-8 school model, their own K-12 school experiences, and learnings from being a part of the TFA network. #OneDayINdy
June 21, 2018
Alumnus Michael Smith (Indy '16) shares on surprises and challenges of school culture and structures, the value of students owning their own growth, and the relevance of Shakespeare plays to modern-day high school life. #OneDayINdy
Education & Issues
June 14, 2018
For Pride Month, 2017 corps member Abi Bouwma speaks to the challenges she's experienced as a LGBTQ+ educator and to the meaningful ways she's working with students and our community to foster a more equitable and inclusive future. #OneDayINdy
Inside TFA
June 5, 2018
Indianapolis 2017 corps members share advice and insights with 2018 incoming corps members for learnings, exploration, and more at their five-week Summer Institute in Houston.
May 31, 2018
Alumnus Ron Sandlin (Indy '08) shares how his TFA corps experience and network impacted his career path, pride points for student achievement in Indiana, and advice for current and future corps members to be more engaged in the critical work of pursuing educational equity. #OneDayINdy
Inside TFA
May 24, 2018
Corps member Brianna Stephens (Indy '17) is a Transition Team Leader (TTL) for incoming 2018 corps members. With Induction and Institute around the corner, she shares honest and insightful tips and advice for moving to Indianapolis.
Inside TFA
May 15, 2018
For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, incoming corps member Melissa Duong (Indy '18) shares how being Asian-American shaped her childhood and school experiences, leading her towards a passion to help address racial and systemic inequity as part of our TFA community. #OneDayINdy
Education & Issues
May 8, 2018
Anika Green (Indy '16) speaks to experiences within and outside the classroom that helped shape her outlook on the opportunity gap and the steps she's taking to ensure every student has the opportunity to attain an excellent education. #OneDayINdy
Inside TFA
May 2, 2018
At our 10th Anniversary Summit, Executive Director Amar Patel (Chicago-NWI '07) shares on our strategic direction moving forward--including our 2023 plan. #OneDayINdy
Inside TFA
April 25, 2018
At our 10th Anniversary Summit, former Executive Director Rebecca Thompson Boyle, who led TFA-Indy from 2013 to 2016, celebrates our diverse network of passionate, breakthrough alumni leaders: "I’m not an alum so I am able to say this with objectivity: TFA alumni are the most passionate, talented, motivated, socially-conscious, critical thinkers I’ve ever known." #OneDayINdy
Inside TFA
April 24, 2018
At our 10th Anniversary Summit, Former Executive Director Pat O'Donnell (Los Angeles '03) shares stories and reflections on how TFA grew its scale and diversity from 2010 to 2013 through recruiting effective, impactful, visionary leaders. #OneDayINdy
Inside TFA
April 23, 2018
At our 10th Anniversary Summit, Founding Executive Director Jason Kloth (Rio Grande Valley '03) speaks to the early years of TFA in Indianapolis (2008-2010), including the corps members, staff, and partnerships that were integral to our growth. #OneDayINdy
Indianapolis Recorder
April 19, 2018
Inside TFA
April 6, 2018
As corps members and alumni registered for our 10th Anniversary Summit, we asked them to share memories, thoughts, and more about their experiences with TFA. Here's what they wrote.
March 20, 2018
Alum Katie Morgan (Indy ’10) invited us to visit The Excel Center West, Goodwill’s tuition-free adult high school, where she shared on her journey of transitioning from journalism to teaching, seeking support from corps members and alumni, and setting roots down in Indianapolis.
March 8, 2018
Louisville native Morgan Cooksey (Indy ’15) speaks to why she decided to stay in Indy, how equally challenging and rewarding her corps experience had been, and what she loves about working with three other TFA alums in the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation.