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A Community of Supporters: Why We Give to TFA

From now through November 28, your generous donations of $10+ to support Teach For America will be matched at least 1:1 by the TFA National Board. Give to TFA-Indy or your corps region to double your impact today.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Teach For America has had a profound impact on my life, introducing me to a city that I have grown to love and plan to never leave. Through TFA, I have met hundreds of talented professionals, each playing a role to ensure One Day in Indy is possible. I’ve also met talented students such as Codie, David, and Eli, kids far smarter than me but not afforded the same opportunities and privileges. Our work cannot stop until this is true.
I want more leaders to have the formative TFA opportunity I experienced – to change and be changed – which is why I am participating in the Alumni Giving Challenge this year. Knowing that 100% of the funds raised for TFA-Indy will help incoming corps members transition to this great city is icing on the cake. I can’t wait to see their impact on Indy.

To date, more than 8,700 alumni nation-wide have given to the Alumni Giving Challenge this year, including about 60 living in Indy. All donations of $10+ through November 28 will be matched 1:1 by the TFA National Board. First-time donors and those who commit to giving $10 or more monthly will be matched 2:1. Join our network of supporters and leaders who are invested in our collective leadership and impact - in the movement for educational equity, in a better future for all kids, and in One Day. DONATE TODAY.

Thank you to all the Indy alumni and donors who have given this year (as of Nov. 20):

Chris Schumerth, Kate Fagan, Emily Gehr, Joe Zwiebel, Mindy & Charlie Schlegel, Katie Franzel, Lauren Hall, Stacy Isaacs, Lindsey Roache, Joseph Gramelspacher, Monica DeProspero, Britney Yount, Megan Montanez, Sheila Dollaske, Alex Moseman, Mark Branigan, Megan Murphy, Kyla Chirico, Christina Lear, Sara Stiles, Madeline Mason, Richard Morris, Cody Stipes, Emily Pelino, Jordan Habayeb, Brittany Scherer, Luke Lennon, Andrew & Brittany Seibert, Barry Frett, Nicholas Perry, Brian Dickey, Julie Kilger, Flora Gitsis, Jacqulyn Gantzer, Chad Miller, Julie Ardelean, Jason Simons, Andrew Goodin, Landry Culp, Ben Hebbe, Vanessa Hale, Ingrid Warner, Gregory & Anna Smith, Peter Daining, Ryan Gall, Julie Johnson, Jay Rumbach, Arielle Johnson, Amar & Amelia Patel, Ricky Ritter, Cece Zhou, Kyle Bender, Vanessa DeGuia, Holly Schumaker

See below for some reasons why alumni gave to TFA-Indy both this year and last.

Ready to contribute to the Alumni Giving Challenge and help us unlock a $25,000 matching grant from the TFA National Board? DONATE TODAY.

We support TFA - Indianapolis because of the profound impact the organization has had on our lives and continues to have on the students and families we have the privilege of working with at KIPP Indy.
Andy & Brittany Seibert (Indy '08), 2017
Seeing the collective impact that Teach For America has had in the lives of students, specifically in Indianapolis is inspiring. I'm committed to ensuring that we can continue to inspire our children within the city.
Eleese Dorsey (Hawaii '09), 2016
TFA-Indy has not only helped me grow personally and professionally, but has allowed me to realize my true passion- education.
Lindsey Roache (Indy '08), 2017
TFA changed my life trajectory! I am now committed to dedicating my life's work to educating students and love the amazing connections I have made along the way, especially my Indy 2010 cohort!
Caitlin Schrup (Indy '10), 2016
I'm thrilled to support our Corps Member Transitional Aid Fund, alleviating front-end financial burdens to joining the Indy Corps for talented future leaders our city needs!
Amar Patel (Chicago '07), 2017
I am donating so that future corps members have the same opportunities I had to make an impact on the lives of students and a chance to make history.
Lauren Woodworth (Indy '12), 2016

Double your impact by donating to Teach For America or donating specifically to TFA-Indy, now through November 28. Join the Indy alumni who have already invested in our collective leadership and impact.

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