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Why I'm joining Teach For America


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

“What happened to law school? I had no idea you were even thinking about teaching.”

When I tell people that I’m planning to join Teach For America and teach elementary school in Indianapolis next year, I’ve received every possible reaction. My professor is excited that I’ll get to share my love of learning with my students. And, admittedly, my parents are nervous about me taking on challenging work so far from home. But mostly, people are confused.

I’ve grappled with how to best respond to these questions. Do I tell them that leading a classroom is the most challenging profession I could have chosen for next year? Do I tell them about the ninth grade teacher that changed my life? Do I tell them that I don’t really know how global development and teaching come together, but that I’m pretty sure there’s no better use of my time and energy?

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This piece originally ran on The Daily Emerald.